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Are You An Empathic Animal Lover?

As an empath, you’re sensitive to the feelings of others.

Sometimes the world seems overwhelming, and getting out in nature is a cure for your anxious heart.

Surrounding yourself with animals is like a veil of protection. The positive energy of their presence helps you to feel “normal”.

In fact, you may feel that you understand animals and they understand you better than humans do.

And when an animal in your life passes on, it can feel overwhelming, as though you’ve lost a piece of your soul.

You may struggle with guilt over the way they passed, or remorse over things you “should” have done, or things you did that seem as if they weren’t enough.

Finding peace of mind after their loss can seem impossible. And, seeing or hearing about any animal cruelty or death is absolutely heartbreaking, and you can feel the pain in your mind, body and soul.

You may also take better care of your animals than you take care of yourself. (In fact, self-love is something that can be neglectful among empathic animal lovers.)

And there’s the personal relationships with people.  As an empath, helping others to feel better makes YOU feel better too.  But then you can get caught in the trap of people pleasing so that you can feel better, but its actually draining.

You may have also found yourself entangled in a relationship with a narcissist or someone who’s not in touch with their own feelings. That’s because empaths FEEL and can attract people who don’t feel. But what starts out as a “match made in heaven” can go the other way, as the other person takes advantage of your sensitive ways, and drains your energy before discarding you.

(And although empaths are in touch with other’s feelings, they can easily cut themselves off from our own.)

We can get into our head so much, that we’ve lost touch with our own heart. Then we feel lost and confused; wondering if we’re on the right path in life. 

But the truth is that you’re a beautiful soul, and understand that you’re not alone. 

It simply takes the guidance of someone who also embodies those experiences, has been down the “rough roads” of learning – often the hard way, and who has the tools to help guide you so that you can live the awesome, authentic life that’s unique to you.

How I can help:  Book your Animal Angel Communication session here, or join the Animal Angel Connection Facebook group.

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