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Is There A Rainbow Bridge Where Animals Go?

In the world of animal grief and loss, the concept of the Rainbow Bridge often comes up.

I was watching a Ted talk with Joan Ranquet (another animal communicator) who mentions the Rainbow Bridge, but never really answers the question of whether she believes there is one or not.

Well, as an animal communicator and medium, here’s what I know:

When I connect with animals that are in spirit, I see them here – with us.  They’re still around their fur baby parent, who is often lost in the pain of grief, and often guilt, and doesn’t realize they’re still here.

And this is why I’m passionate about the subject of animal grief.

I want people to know that they haven’t been abandoned by their animal angel, who they believe is hanging out at a bridge waiting for them.

I think that somewhere along the line, someone made up the concept of the Rainbow Bridge to help ease the pain of animal grief that either they were experiencing, or to help others.

After all, the thought of a bridge with a beautiful rainbow sounds heavenly.

I’ve also heard other mediums (who focus on people in the afterlife), talk about how they see the person’s dog, cat, etc., still around them. Sometimes they mention a relative who has passed is now looking after the animal.

All I can say is: They’re still here.  

When I tune into them, they surround me with their loving energy.  When I describe their personality to their fur baby parent, it hasn’t changed.

The essence of who they were still exists in the afterlife.  And they haven’t run off somewhere.

So if you’re wondering what happened to your dog, cat, horse, etc., know that they have nothing but unconditional love for you as they did in life.

And we can still tune into that love and animal angel guidance when we get out of our head and listen to our heart.

They’re here for you.  Breathe, let go of the pain and tune in. 

Love and blessings to you.

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