Learn to Communicate with animals for Healing, Understanding and Peace of Mind.

I’ll help you Master Animal Communication through Self Mastery

How Mastering Animal Communication impacts the lives of fur babies, yourself and the lives of those you help:

1. Understand their behavior so you can help them have a happier life.

2. Incorporate it into animal healing modalities.

3. Anticipate their needs with end of life care.

4. Tune into them when they’re lost so you can bring them home.

5. Receive healing messages and guidance after they’ve passed for peace of mind.

And so much more…

And the process isn’t just learning how to connect, but also: Building confidence, trusting your intuition and going to a deeper level; shifting your beliefs for success.

I’ve spent ages discovering and creating this process, and I’ve incorporated my clinical hypnotherapy (powerful intuitively guided meditations) and mindset tools to help you get the results you crave.

The Benefits Are Priceless.

This is the only animal communication course that’s taught by an animal communicator and medium who’s also a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, for a deep dive into transformation, self-empowerment and connecting with animals that are alive or in spirit.

Have you wanted to connect with your fur baby on a deeper level to understand them more but haven’t gotten there?

Maybe it’s a behavior question, or they’ve gotten lost, or something else…

Or, you want to connect with animals that are in spirit. 

Once I learned how to tune in, the magic began to happen. AND, connecting with their energy is the same whether they’re living or they’re an animal angel. 

Are you second-guessing your intuition?  

Here’s the truth about my animal communication experience…

I was stuck in my head for years, and was repeatedly told to get “out of my head and into my heart” if I wanted to use my intuition.

I was told that I analyzed things liked crazy (especially with a finance background), and was not at all tapping into my intuitive side.

For years I was stuck (even though I was a massive animal lover).  I saw others doing it and wondered if I could do it too.

But here’s the thing –

For those of us empathic animal lovers… we’d rather talk to our dog, cat, horse, etc. than people (because they get us more than anyone else).  When we look into their eyes, there’s a knowing and an unconditional love that’s only between a human and their fur baby. 

And the connection with each one is different. Sometimes we spend years with our “heart” animal, and the connection is deeper than anyone can possibly understand.  And yet we yearn to connect with them on a communication level so we can understand what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling.

And when they’re gone, we feel the gaping hole in our heart and yearn to have Peace of Mind around their passing.  But we can change that...

When I finally discovered the process of how to connect with them, feel their loving energy and receive messages, it opened up a whole new world for myself and my clients.  And now, the responses from Mastering Animal Communication students have touched my heart.

But when it comes to learning how to communicate with animals, you don’t have to do it the way that I did.

I struggled to find a course that was comprehensive, so I’ve created one for you!

I’m here to help you get out of your head, into your heart and connect to the love, healing and inspiration that comes from the soul of an animal friend.

The Mastering Animal Communication course is open for enrollment!

I’m excited to bring you this eight lesson course that pulls out all the stops:

  1. Sacred:  Animal communication is a sacred, healing tool.  This lesson helps to begin the process of connecting with your intuition by creating sacred space. 
  2. Insight: We must go deep in order to gain the insight that we need to connect and communicate. My zone of genius is helping you to go deep and re-connect at a soul level.
  3. Sense: In this lesson, we’ll go over the ways in which messages are received.  When we fully engage our senses, we connect with our intuition and receive all possible messages.
  4. Believe: Our beliefs impact everything, including our ability to connect and communicate with animals. Freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs, and building up the belief in ourselves strengthens results.
  5. Confidence:  Another huge mindset component is our confidence in our ability. This lesson is designed to help you grow your confidence in your intuition.
  6. Connect:  This is a STEP BY STEP process that’s both in the Guidebook, and in audio format to give you a tool that allows you to open the door to animal communication.
  7. Receive:  This lesson contains a powerful guided meditation that takes you deep into receiving messages from animals.
  8. Trust:  One of the biggest obstacles in animal communication is trusting our intuition and the messages that come through. There are journal prompts and another awesome intuitively guided meditation to help you with that.

I can’t wait to help you connect with animals and get insight, whether they’re alive or in spirit!

What are the details?

  • When You Sign Up You Get Instant (and Lifetime) Access to the Content in the Animal Angel Academy. (We’re starting this round June 1st!)
  • Live Zoom calls for support
  • This is a self-paced course, so you can take all the time you need.
  • Included are unique videos, downloads and FIVE powerful intuitively guided meditation audios that assist you to connect and communicate with animals.
  • There’s an Exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask questions.

Join now and get Mastering Animal Communication for only $555 and get Lifetime Access with any upgrades! 

BONUS:  Get the animal grief healing course:  Always In Your Heart, absolutely free! (Healing from fur baby loss helps to release communication barriers.)

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Below is my client Wilma, who wanted to incorporate animal communication into her animal healing practice. She’s not only doing it, but she’s grown as a person with more confidence, trusting her intuition and belief in her abilities. I’d love to help you too. 

“Hi my name is Wilma and I took the Animal Communication course with Kathleen and I truly loved it. My why I took the course was to strengthen my skills and abilities to communicate more with animals.
If you are on the fence whether to commit to this course but want to learn how to communicate with your fur babies or all animals, this course is for you.❤🐕❤
I will be adding this to my business of Energy Healing and Grooming. Kathleen, comes highly recommended.”