Welcome Beautiful Soul

Empathic animal-lovers are magical; with a big heart and an amazing intuition.

With natural healing abilities, the ability to love easily and make others feel comfortable, in addition to being thoughtful, creative, caring and awesome listeners.

The problem is, they can easily get stuck or go off track in any given area of their life. Here’s why:

  • Empaths can lose their power and the connection to their inner guidance system, particularly when it comes to needing approval. (When approval stops, sensitivity takes over and it’s felt on a physical level.)

  • They don’t value themselves enough to get paid for the work they love.

  • Unless an empath knows how to harness their intuitive energetic abilities, they can be held back from fully realizing themselves because others are seen as more important.

  • They struggle to distinguish other people’s needs and emotions from their own.

  • Empaths can therefore get confused as to whether a dream is theirs or maybe someone else’s.

  • They try to fit into a world that’s not geared toward them as they’re six-sensory beings living in a five-sensory world.

  • The sensitivity of empaths means they can be deeply hurt, and words can turn into criticism that has long-term crippling affects.

  • Negative thoughts and feelings are often felt on a physical level (chest, stomach, head), and can manifest into “dis-ease” when the sensitivity isn’t managed.

  • Empaths can be “Inauthentic” when they believe they’re not good enough, so they second-guess themselves, overthink before taking action and lose their sense of self.

  • They can also struggle to receive as they may not feel worthy, and if they’re not careful, become a “doormat”.

  • The receiving issue turns into Money Scarcity from weak worthiness when it comes to empathic healers trying to be in business for themselves.

All of this and more can cause empaths to feel disempowered, confused, stuck and not on track to living their life purpose with the abundance they deserve.

That’s where I come in.  Hi, Kathleen Nightingale here. Your coach for animal-loving empaths, healers and lightworkers.

With a background as a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Animal Communicator and Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner (not to mention an empath myself whose experienced all the struggles)…

I’m here to help you get out of your head and into your heart, break through those empathic barriers and harness that amazing intuition of yours. It’s time to get unstuck; Whether you want to learn to Master Animal Communication or Live an Aligned, Authentic and Abundant life that’s on purpose.

I’ll help you get there, so you’re not still spinning your wheels six months from now.

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