The struggle to get out of my head and into my heart… 

We’re all born with an intuition. 

That’s a given. But some of us are analytical by nature. 

And some of us land in families, jobs or other situations where we’re taught to be analytical.

And even for us animal lovers who feel an incredibly deep connection with our animals; we can still struggle to connect and communicate with them.

I get it.  

I spent 22 years in a very analytical finance career, where I was so stuck in my head that I couldn’t begin to figure out my own direction in life, much less know how to communicate with animals (even though I was a lifetime animal lover).

When I went to a healing arts school, I was told by my teacher “get out of your head and into your heart”.

He could see how stuck I was; as other intuitive healers and teachers were all around me helping me with the answers I was seeking.  But I needed to learn how to trust my OWN intuition.

After studying clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching and mind-body wellness, I started to help others get unstuck in their life through deep, intuitive guided meditation. (I was finally tapping into my intuition after learning the right tools to do it).

Eventually I turned to my passion:  Animals.

I was learning animal healing techniques including studying Pranic energy healing and equine massage, and was wanting to understand how to communicate with animals and help them heal including my rescue horse: Happy Feet.

Then, right before my Corgi, Bailey passed (she was truly my heart dog), I was searching for ways to communicate with her so I could understand what was wrong with her.  (I even took her to the veterinarian the day before she suddenly passed, and they weren’t sure what the problem was.)

Even though I tried learning animal communication from a renowned animal communicator, I wasn’t connecting with her.

Needless to say, it was heartbreaking not having answers.

Not long after she passed, I had a breakthrough – after piecing together information I gathered from various places, AND understanding mindset and how to tap into my intuition after years of struggle.

Then I started doing animal communication sessions with people and getting great feedback on how helpful and healing it was.

Since “learning the hard way”, I’ve developed my own program:  Mastering Animal Communication, by combining my skills: Using my intuitive guided meditation techniques to help people go deep to build confidence and trust, and knowing the fastest steps to connecting intuitively with animals to receive messages.

I Can Help You…

Allow me to take you on a journey of joy when we harness the power of soul healing, animal communication and intuitive guidance.   

PS:  Kathleen lives in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona with her fabulous other half, and her animal friends that include two cats, three dogs, three goats, and her “horse angel” Happy Feet.