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From Highly Analytical to Highly Intuitive

For 22 years I was in major analysis mode. After all, I was trained to be that way.

As I worked my way up in corporate finance, I had to turn over every rock, and discover every possible clue before I recommended that we loan a company millions of dollars.

If there was a single misstep, I was in deep doo-doo.

And once it’s been really driven into your mind to be highly analytical, it’s hard to get out of that habit.

But eventually I felt a bigger calling.

I went on a pursuit of learning mind-body wellness, and how to tap into my intuition.  I admit, it took some work.

And even one of my wellness teachers said “get out of your head and into your heart”.

Eventually, I mastered it.  I was using my intuition to guide people through powerful meditations that broke the barrier of what was keeping them stuck, and wrote an award-winning book on how the struggle with weight comes from needing to heal on a soul level.

I was able to help free clients from the old belief systems that were holding them back in life.

And being the animal lover that I am, eventually I came to realize that focusing on the animal side of things is where my passion is.

I was doing some work in the area of animal healing and horse massage, when the messages from animals became clear:  “You need to help the people”. 

The animal lovers who feel disconnected from their animal friends, those who are desperate to heal from animal loss or need help to tap into their intuition so they can connect with their animals and become empowered in the process.

In other words:  More deep work, but for those of us who have an affinity toward the furry, feathery, and other non-human creatures.

And did I ever think I’d be here?  Not back then.

Not the Kathleen who was stuck in her head in a heavy-duty kind of way.

And now that I’m an animal communicator and intuitive guide, I love to see others heal their soul, harness their heart and tap into the power to connect with their animal friends for guidance and peace of mind.

It’s there for all of us; when we learn to get out of our own way, then open the door and trust.

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