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Animal Trauma and Energy Healing

As they say:  Everything is energy.

And a body is not a living, breathing being without a soul (the energy body). It’s true for both humans and animals.

We all have that “energy body” that we don’t see (except for those who are sensitive to seeing energy).

And that energy body is affected by emotions such as trauma, which can stay with us and possibly manifest into physical disease (dis-ease) if it’s not healed first.

This is because disease starts in the energy body.

In animals, it also manifests in behavior.

Healing the emotions from trauma (stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) can be hard for some people to deal with, and they may not even be aware that it’s there.

In the case of animals, we can tell that something’s not right, and they certainly show it through their behavior.

So how do we help animals heal from trauma?

The first step to really understand what’s happened to animals that may be causing a certain behavior is through animal communication. (An animal communicator can tap into what’s happened and why they may be behaving in a certain way.)

That way, the cause of the trauma can be understood.

Then we can take it a step further and use energy healing techniques.

Energy healing is a great tool because it clears away the “congested” energy created by trauma without having to even talk about it.

It can also be done virtually.

My energy healing training was through Pranic Energy Healing, which refers to “prana”; the Sanskrit word for life force energy. (In Chinese healing it’s Chi and in Japanese it’s Ki.)

In Pranic energy healing, we do allot of “sweeping” away of the congested energy.

If you think about a coffee cup that’d dirty, you wouldn’t want to put fresh coffee in the cup before cleaning it out first.  (Sweeping is a similar concept.)

We can then “energize” the energy body by putting positive “prana” in.  This creates balance.

In the end, the combination of the animal communication and energy healing is an amazing way to dig into what’s really happening, and help heal the trauma in a stress-free way.

The animal’s behavior can improve, and so can their overall wellbeing. 

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