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Don’t Learn Animal Communication From Someone Who’s A Natural

Allow me to explain…

Even though I’ve been a lifetime animal lover, and prefer to hang out with animals more than anything else…

Animal communication didn’t come easy.

We’re all born with an intuition, but sometimes we end up in situations where we’re taught to be highly analytical, and it becomes a habit that’s hard to break.

When I worked in corporate for 22 years analyzing businesses and writing loan approvals, I couldn’t exactly say “I approved this $10 million loan because “it felt” like the right thing to do.

Oh no, I had to tear everything apart and explain it in vast detail.

But finally, when I felt called to do work in the healing arts, I struggled to get out of my head and into my heart.

In the healing arts school that I went to, I was surrounded by people who were highly intuitive and really tuned into their subconscious mind (their heart and soul).

Eventually, I learned to become more intuitive through guided meditation (as a clinical hypnotherapist), and using it with other people to help them get into their heart, get unstuck and on track in their life.

As the years went by and I decided to dive into animal healing, particularly with horses, I wanted to be able to connect with them on a deeper level and communicate.

Also, my “heart dog” Bailey was sick, and I wanted to understand what was going on with her.

So, I bought an animal communication course from a well-known animal communicator, but it wasn’t enough to help me get to where I needed to go.

Eventually, I managed to piece things together and began tuning in, and the magic began to happen.

And here’s what I realized:  When an animal communication course is taught by someone who has always been tapped into their intuition (in this case the person has been doing it since they were a child), it comes easy to them.

In their mind, it’s a simple process. (And it does get easier once you’ve had the mindset tools an have a breakthrough).

But when you’re starting out; trying to learn from someone who animal communication is “second nature” isn’t effective, and won’t take you on a deep enough mindset journey if you’re in your head.

When I created Mastering Animal Communication, I pulled out the stops that are needed to take you on an inner journey of not only connecting with animals; but trusting your intuition, building your confidence and shifting your beliefs so that you don’t have to jump from one course to another trying to figure it out like I did.

Powerful mindset tools combined with animal communication is the right way to go on a deep dive that results in animal communication, healing and an empowering transformation.

To learn more, Click Here:  Mastering Animal Communication


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