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Guidance From The Animals

Life has a way of taking us down a long and winding road…

Mine started in corporate life, and very “left brained” work analyzing businesses.  But for years, there was a voice inside that said “there’s something else you’re meant to be doing”.

I started questioning life and why I had been through the challenges that I’d been through, which included sitting in a therapy office at the age of 25 and the psychologist saying “you’ve been through more in 25 years than most people go through in a lifetime”.

My spiritual journey began with digging into books, and learning about why we’re here and why we experience all of the craziness that we can experience in life. 

This led me down a trail to a healing arts school and studying more… 

Life coaching, hypnotherapy, and mind-body wellness.  

So I jumped the corporate ship, and went down the road of helping people. (I even worked for awhile in the dementia area.)  

Then at one point, I knew there was still more to discover, and I thought about my love of animals, and decided to put together a holistic approach to horse healing. Being the student that I am, I studied equine (horse) massage, energy healing and honed my animal communication skills.

Then a very interesting thing happened.

While I was connecting with horses (as well as dog, cats, etc. during phone sessions), the messages that I was receiving from animals was more about healing people.

The messages were things like “she needs to take better care of herself”.  Or “he should be living more in the moment instead of worrying about tomorrow”.

So while the animal mom or dad was busy worrying about their animal friend (that was alive or in spirit), the animal really wanted to talk about the human and how much they needed to heal.

Then I realized that I needed to turn my attention back to focusing on people, AND add in the animal communication as a way to help them heal.

So that’s how the journey went.  And I’m sure it will continue in surprising ways.

I hope you join me in my group, and in my healing courses. 

Let’s co-create your journey.


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