Animal Connection Creating Balance Peace of Mind

Finding Peace…

As an empath and animal intuitive, I can’t do cities.
When I’m in nature, the tranquility of hearing the buzzing sound of hummingbird wings, the bugle of an elk and the silence of a monarch soothes my soul.
Everything seems right with the world.
And then the humans come with: Guns, dirt bikes, ATVs, and disrupting the peace and beauty of the forest.
Apparently “blowing off steam” from city life with noise and exhaust, and sending the animals scurrying for cover.
The harmony of it all; shattered by human ego.
Instead of racing around and target practice; if they would only take the time to stop and notice what they’re missing.
To hear and see what has been created for us, and enjoy the natural euphoria of it all.
They’d not only connect with the life that surrounds us in such amazing variety: From wings to hooves, and everything in between.
They’d discover themselves in the process.
They’d find balance from the inside out, and a peace that comes when we stop, observe, breathe and listen.
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