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Beyond Animal Grief

We can feel so attached to our fur baby… seeing them, talking to them, physically interacting with them, that their loss seems unbearable.

Imagining life without them can be something that we don’t want to face.

I felt that way when my corgi Bailey died.  (She was my buddy, and seemed to understand what I was thinking and feeling before I even felt or thought it.)

When there here with us in this life, we don’t want to think about them being gone. After all, they seem immortal.

It seems like they’ll always be by our side; no matter what…

And then reality sets in and it’s their time to go. How could life be so cruel?  After all, life isn’t easy to begin with, and our animals help us to get through it.

So when the pass on, we can feel like we lost our right arm. 

I’ve talked with animal lovers who’ve been grieving the loss of their fur baby FOR YEARS.  They just can’t seem to get beyond it.

But here’s the thing…

As an animal communicator and medium, I can tell you they’re still with us!

Do you really think your faithful friend and companion would simply go away and not want to be with you?  They definitely do want to be by your side still.

Their unconditional love continues to surround us and even guide us.

You see, there’s many types of angels. and animal angels are one of them. 

So instead of being caught up in their loss; close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel their love around you. Because they want you to know that they’re still here.

Unfortunately, so much time and energy are wasted when we stay stuck in grief and don’t allow ourselves to believe that they’re now a guardian angel. And when we shift our belief, they can work miracles in our life.

Take a moment to heal, and then tap into their ever-present love.  Then go a step further, and tune into their guidance.

They’re still here for you.

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