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“Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart”

This year I turn 60. (Holy cow!)

And the statement “get out of your head and into your heart” has become my life’s work.

I first heard the phrase when I was studying at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts here in Arizona. (It’s what a teacher told me.)

I was working in corporate at the time, underwriting multi-million dollar business loans. It was all so analytical.

But I knew I was meant for something more. I knew I wanted to help people in a deeper, more meaningful way.

I really learned this truth (that the answer to getting unstuck is going to the level of the soul), when I started working with hypnotherapy clients.

No matter what the problem was, it was all about helping them to stop spinning in their head, and get down into the deepest recesses of their heart.

And that changed everything.

  • They could finally lose weight because they understood the cause of their emotional eating.
  • They could move past their fears and go after their dream career.
  • They could let go of destructive habits they were miserably tied to, and so much more…

And every time I thought I should do something else; my guides and my higher self said “Um no, this is your soul purpose work”.

And once I got past my own fears of being judged and rejected for being “weird” for being intuitive and spiritual, I was finally free to be in alignment with who I really am and to help others do the same.

In other words, I had to get into my heart. (Go figure.)

And I can see it all so clearly:

  • Want to learn to connect with your animal friend on a deeper level and communicate?
  • Want to heal the grief that has you stuck in guilt and remorse?
  • Want to get your weight into balance?
  • Want to attract the right relationship?
  • Want to get into alignment with your purpose and feel happily obsessed about it?
  • Want to love yourself more so you can be free to live a life that loves you back?

The answer is to let go of the chains that are your mind, that keep you stuck at a low vibration:  Feeling depressed, sad, angry, remorseful, eating emotionally, etc.

Because that’s not who you are. The truth is:  You are a powerful spiritual being. 

And when you connect into that (by getting into your heart), you connect to the TRUTH:  That things happen for a reason. That we are all learning to heal our “stuff” and that it’s time to let go and tap into our power.


Let’s peel away the layers. Let’s get you unstuck so you can be, do and have the things that you deserve.

It’s your time. And together, it won’t take as long as it took me to get there.

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