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Law of Attraction versus Manifesting

The Law of Attraction is something I’ve studied and implemented for years.  But here’s the thing…

Through my own experience working with angels and animal angels, I have no doubt there’s allot more to manifesting than putting pictures on a vision board, feeling grateful and focusing on it.

Yes, being grateful is awesome.  Our “vibration” matters.

But is it our brain and “energy” that brings wonderful things into our life?

I’m here to tell you, there’s much more to it than that!

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Angels are working behind the scenes helping to pull the strings.

After all, I know that my recent move to where my heart wanted to be, had so many moving parts it was crazy.  There’s no way that all of the miraculous things that happened – big and small, could have manifested without angels working behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Our mind alone can’t do that. So, it’s really about Co-Creating.

And what’s even greater for animal lovers, is that I know that your animal that’s in spirit is also your guardian angel.

Which means, they have a hand (or a paw, hoof, etc.) in helping us on our path to creating and manifesting in our life.

And this is why when I see animal lovers grieve over the loss of their fur baby, I want to say “it’ll be okay because your fur baby is now your guardian angel!”

So, why not use that to your advantage so that you can get some help to manifest more powerfully?

It’s unfortunate that people can spend years caught in the trap of animal grief, while all along their animal angel is by their side; wanting them to know they’re still there for love, support and guidance.

I teach animal communication, which includes helping animal lovers connect with their fur baby that’s in spirit.  If you’ve taken Mastering Animal Communication, then you’re on your way to getting guidance from your animal angel. 

(Although I do recommend healing animal grief first, so that you’re not blocked by the heavy emotions that can keep you from receiving messages. The Animal Angel Academy course Always In Your Heart is made for healing those emotions and gives peace of mind.)

I’m so proud of this…

I’ve combined all of my most powerful life coaching tools, intuitive guided meditations and animal angel guidance into one program:  Animal Angel Co-Creating.

This program is designed to help you “get unstuck” and co-create an authentic and abundant life that’s in alignment with who you really are.  To learn more, go to the Animal Angel Co-Creating page.


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