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I Had To Laugh…

I was in the ER last night after falling down some steps; tore a ligament and broke a couple of bones in my foot.

This happened after my other half spent 25 days in the hospital and is now in skilled nursing.

So what’s funny about that? Well, sometimes you just have to laugh… and I did so while thinking in the ER:  “I should have got a pedicure BEFORE this happened.

At the same time, there was a man there who was having a breakdown over his divorce and his wife’s restraining order against him…

And I really wanted to go over there and console him.

I wanted to say “hey, it does get better”. Or as my grandmother would say “this too shall pass”.

I wanted to say that I’m turning 60, and I’m elated that I’ve survived multiple divorces, loss of babies (stillborn and premature), family alcoholism and dementia, and insanity that’s sprinkled throughout the family tree…

As my mother once said about a family member “well honey; in our family, when you hit your 40s, sometimes you just go crazy”. (I miss those blunt momisms.)

But I digress.

Whenever life’s challenges hit (and I believe my soul chose a buffet of them) I have to ask the angels:

“Okay, what am I learning this time?”

Well, between the recent speeding ticket and now broken bones, the message is clear: “Slow down!!!”

Yep, I’m like a Capricorn on steroids; climbing every mountain I can get my hands on.

But, It’s back to more self care; which is something I always teach clients and it’s part of my Mustang Mindset mantra. (Yep, we teach best wheat we most need to learn.)

And it’s also part of my new program…

After all of my years of life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy (intuitive guided meditation) and animal communication, I’ve put it together in the most powerful program ever: Animal Angel Co-Creating.

This is where you, I, and your animal angel get you unstuck and in alignment with your authentic life. (Through powerful tools in the Animal Angel Academy and some one-to-one guidance.)

To learn more, go to the Academy page or reach out to me to book a complimentary consultation.

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