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“How Do You Communicate With A Dead Animal?”

This was a question a friend asked, and I kind of cringed…

You see, I was always intuitive, empathic and a total animal lover. But there was a time when I worked in a very straight-laced corporate job where we didn’t discuss things like communicating with animals, let alone DEAD animals.

So when the question came up: “How do you communicate with a dead animal?”

I stuttered a bit in a nervous way (wondering how best to explain it). Not to mention, it took a long time to talk about these things out loud as I didn’t want to seem “weird”.

But the truth is, it’s no different than connecting with “living” animals and sending and receiving messages (which still seems weird to some people).

Because we are actually communicating with the soul, which is the energy behind ALL of us: Animals and humans.

Our body is only a “suit”, and when our soul leaves, it’s lifeless. Without a soul, there is no animal or person. So whether the “suit” is there or not, it’s the energy that we send and receive messages with.

This is why animal communication can be done virtually with animals who are living, as it’s the energy we’re connecting with. And, we do it in the same way when they’re in spirit.

I’ve seen AMAZING healing results for people who were struggling with grief.

Animal lovers go through the same grieving process with animals as they do with humans. Sometimes it can seem even more difficult when we lose our best friend (our fur baby) than losing a human.

We miss that unconditional love from someone that didn’t judge us, and it can leave us with a pain that’s excruciating.

And because animals are dependent on us, it’s easy for us humans to feel guilt over whether we should have taken our animal friend to the veterinarian sooner, fed them differently, etc.

When I connect with an animal during a session, especially in spirit, it feels like true unconditional love.

They aren’t holding grudges. They don’t wish they had different food when they were among the living. So many of the things we worry about just aren’t important to our animal friends.

In fact, often they’re concerned about us and our wellbeing. This is why animals are actually angels and guides in our life: Helping us to stay on track, offer love and support and help us heal emotionally.

What a great gift they give us in our life. And in their loss, we can still tap into their energy; feel healed and learn from them. And, know they’re still with us.

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