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Why Healing Trauma Helps Prevent Disease In Animals (and Humans)

When animals (and humans) experience trauma, it gets buried at the subconscious level. In other words: It gets suppressed and pushed down.

Why?  Because experiencing the feeling over and over again isn’t pleasant. In Pranic Healing, it’s what we call “clamping down”.

After awhile, the clamping down causes physical issues such as high blood pressure (clamping down on the blood vessels), or diseases that are created from the stress of all of the suppression.

What happens is that disease actually starts in the energy body. (What’s that you say?) 

The energy body is where the energy comes from that runs everything. Without it, we don’t survive. 

It’s essentially the Soul.

Our emotions are stored at that energetic level. And when the emotions aren’t healed and they remain suppressed, it creates congested energy or depleted energy in various areas of the body where the trauma is, and the end result is disease (or “dis-ease”).

So what’s a great way to heal the trauma so that we feel better emotionally while healing or preventing disease?  We do it through Pranic Healing, which is a great energy healing modality where we scan the energy, sweep out energy where needed and energize in those areas. 

Check out the video below where I explain at as Happy Feet is there to offer support :-): 

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