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Our Animals Are Always With Us

As I’m doing animal communication with people and their animals who have crossed over, I can see clearly that our animals stay with us; even after they’ve passed.

It’s a scientific fact that energy doesn’t go away, it just changes form. And that’s what happens with ALL of us (animals AND people).

So, why would we believe that when our animals die, they’re gone forever?

We grieve for their PHYSICAL presence. But they’re still with us in spirit, just as our departed relatives are. Do you BELIEVE that?

If not, then it’s time to shift your thinking. 

Our animals come into our lives as guardian angels, and they STAY as guardian angels after they cross over. Then, we have the added benefit of them becoming our spirit guide as well.

Yep, they can help guide us. They can remind us to love ourselves, to live in the moment or to be true to ourselves.

If your animal has passed, ask yourself:  What did they teach me?  What about their personality and character did I appreciate?

Make a list. You might be surprised at what you come up with.

They do teach us lessons. They do help to guide us.

And their personality is still here. 

If it’s a dog, they may be running circles around you. They may be barking at you; trying to get your attention, or licking your face when you’re sad.

Whatever you do, DO NOT give up the belief in them being with you, because that’s what they want.

They want to still be by your side; to love and protect you.

They still cherish you and want you to know that they see you; if only you could see them.

But, you CAN feel them. Simply close your eyes and use your imagination.

FEEL their presence. Imagine how they would behave if they were with you.

And when you do, you might just be tapping into your own ability to communicate with them.

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