Animal Grief

My First Session with an Animal Communicator

It was 2009.

My chihuahua, Chico had passed away. (He’d been having seizures for months.)

Chico was 15 years old, and I had adopted him from a local animal shelter nine years before.

The thing that I remember the most, was that I felt as though there was a knife in my chest.

Yep, the pain of loss was that great, and I couldn’t seem to get relief, even though I’d lost several animals in my life.

Before he passed, I had wanted to save him at all costs.  But it was obvious that it was time to let him go.

Looking back, I can see the bad shape he was in.

His health had deteriorated, but being the healer that I am, I guess I wanted to somehow heal him.

Now that I was dealing with this burning pain; out of desperation, I stumbled across someone who called herself an animal communicator.  Apparently she could tune into animals that had passed, so I scheduled a session.

When we spoke, she talked about why it was his time, and shared some details that were healing.

After the call, I noticed the pain in my chest had subsided. The information she relayed to me helped me to heal the gaping hole in my heart.

It was years later I discovered that I could tap into my own ability to communicate as well. And really, we all have intuition that we can learn to tap into and trust so that we can receive messages.

However, the important thing is to heal our heart first.  And sometimes, animal loss can bring up past trauma and pain that requires a deeper healing.

When we heal those deeper wounds, then we’re better able to connect with our animal friends that are in spirit. And as always, life is a journey of personal growth.

I’m glad to join you on your journey.

Love and Blessings, Kathleen

P.S.  If you’re serious about healing your heart and connecting with your animal friend, click here to schedule an Animal Angel Discovery call.  I’m here for you.

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