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I Remember The Sad Story…

Gretchen was my first animal friend.

She was a brown wire-haired retriever with piercing yellow eyes.

My parents got her as a puppy when I was a baby. My dad used to say that he would come home with a bag of dog food in one arm, and a bag of diapers in the other.

Gretchen was my protector. She watched out for me.

We took long walks together on the 48-acre property that I grew up on. Being the introvert that I was, she was truly my best friend.

It was that first animal bond that began a long series of connections with animals, and a desire that started early on to always be connected with animals.

Unfortunately, there’s a sad side to the story.  

As always, it becomes time to say goodbye to our animal friend. Gretchen was 13 years old and had developed hip issues. She could no longer walk up and down the steps to the door of our home.

So my mother made the decision that it was time to let her go.

Gretchen was taken to a place where they euthanize animals.  As my mother was leaving, she looked back and saw those piercing yellow eyes innocently looking up at her.

It broke my mothers heart.

For years I heard the story of my mother’s last memory of Gretchen.

But as an animal communicator and medium, I know that they never really leave us.

And remembering my mother’s pain, in addition to seeing the pain of others, is why I’m passionate about helping people to connect with their animal in spirit.

I know they’re never really gone.

The truth is, they are our guardian angel and guide in this life and beyond.

If you’re struggling with the loss of your fur baby and would like to connect with them for healing messages, please go to my Services page. I’d love to help.

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