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Are You An Animal Empath? Here’s How You Know:

An empath is someone who senses the mental state and feels the emotional state of another individual. We normally think of it in terms of being empathic toward humans.

But there are those empaths who are highly sensitive toward animals, and that’s what we’re addressing here.

Take a look at the list below, and see if you relate to the characteristics around being empathic and highly sensitive to animals.

  1. Animals have always been a part of your life, and life doesn’t feel the same without them.
  2. You take care of your animals before you take care of yourself (including feeding).
  3. You’re highly compassionate toward animals, and feel emotional (and possibly physical) pain if you know of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect.
  4. You understand animals better than people, and being around them calms your anxiety and sooths your soul.
  5. When one of your animals dies, the loss can be excruciating, and you struggle to find peace of mind over the circumstances of how they passed with feelings of guilt or remorse.
  6. You’re deeply intuitive, and sense when animals are in pain or struggling in some way.
  7. You’re gentle on animals and on the planet.
  8. You’re attracted to the healing arts and holistic therapies.
  9. You have empathy for people, but you have even more empathy for animals.
  10. You find yourself daydreaming and have a deep inner world that’s creative.
  11. You prefer to have freedom rather than routine and like to do your own thing in your own time.
  12. You worry about your animals as if they were your children.
  13. You’re attracted to things that are metaphysical or spiritual.
  14. You’re service-oriented, especially when it comes to animals. Rescuing and nurturing animals is part of who you are.
  15. Personally, you’re into self-growth and self-help, and you enjoy learning and growing. You also have a desire to make an impact.
  16. The peace of being in nature is calming, and seeing animals in the wild is soothing. (Wanting wild animals to be free might also be a focus in your life.)
  17. Your deep connection with animals causes them to gravitate to you.
  18. You’ve struggled to fit into society, and may not feel that you’re a “people person”.
  19. You have difficulty relaxing when people are around you. You have a need for solitude, and want to retreat with your animals.
  20. You may find that you talk to animals more than people, and you feel there is a mutual understanding between you and them.
  21. You trust animals more than you trust people.
  22. Crowded cities or other places that are filled with people are especially difficult for you.
  23. Your fear or anxiety level increases when you’re around people, but animals have the opposite affect.
  24. In your view, people lack the unconditional love that animals provide.
  25. Overall, you believe that animals are real and authentic, while people are not always that way.

How many of these characteristics did you relate to?  If you felt “at home” reading this list and chose the majority of them, you can count your self as a special person who is sensitive, and particularly empathic toward animals.

And as an animal empath, it’s important to take care of yourself so you can be there for your animal friends.

To help you with that, I’ve created an audio called “Daily Dose of Protection”, which helps you to protect your sensitive heart and soul as you go out into the outside world every day.

This is important so you can also be in your intuition, have clarity and to stay on track in your life.


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