Animal Grief

Animal Grief: Second-Guessing Ourselves

Two weeks ago I lost a dear friend:  Bailey, my corgi that was almost 12 years old.

She was my buddy. My pal.

She was with me through probably the most difficult decade of my life that was filled with a huge amount of changes (death of loved ones, leaving a long time career, moving across country twice, divorce, etc.)

And when we lose someone who is that close to us (especially animals, because we are their caretaker), it’s tough.

We begin to second-guess ourselves. We wonder what we could have done differently.

In hindsight I could see there was a slowing down, accidents in the house, and some apparent symptoms that were confusing.

So we start to beat ourselves up (as we often do with grief). The should-haves, would-haves and could-haves pop up in our minds. And it’s gut wrenching.

When our animals cross over to the “other side”, even if we believe in the rainbow bridge and heaven, it still doesn’t allow us to continue to pet them, give them kisses, run and play, or ride them in the case of a horse.

There’s now a huge empty hole where our beloved animal friend once was.  

At her passing, I was already working on my animal communication skills.  And then I realized even more how important it is to connect with our animal friends.

(I also realized that when it’s their time, there’s not allot we can do to stop it.)

The first time I’d hired an animal communicator (years ago) was when my chihuahua died. I felt like there was a knife in my chest, but by the time the animal communication session was over, I felt better.

I had a better understanding of why it was his time. I could finally feel relief and closure around his passing. 

It truly was a healing experience (on an emotional level). And I want that for you.

If you’re experiencing grief from the loss of an animal, I’d love to have you join us in the Facebook group:  Mustang Mastermind: Animal Grief Support 

Let’s start the healing process.

See you there.

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