Horses in Summer

Summertime Horse Care (Recipe Enclosed)

Is the heat getting your horse down?

Sometimes our horse can act sluggish in the heat. After all, horses sweat.

And because they sweat, they lose electrolytes like we do.

So, what is a horsie parent to do?  Give them electrolytes of course! 

My gelding isn’t a fan of having electrolytes in his water, so we put it in his food. Of course, you can buy various types of commercial made electrolytes…

OR, you can make your own!

Here’s a simple three ingredient recipe:

Horse Electrolyte Recipe

1 Cup Baking Soda

3/4 Cup Regular Salt

1/4 Cup Light Salt

Just stir together, and voila! Instant electrolyte mixture!

Hopefully after you start using electrolytes, your horse will be handling the heat better in no time.

As always, if they’re struggling more than normal or seem colicy, consult with your veterinarian. (Equine sports massage is always helpful too. 🙂

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