Animal Lessons

There’s Lessons To Learn From Our Animal Friends

When my Corgi; Bailey passed away, I was heartbroken.

But I knew there is more to life than her being the character that she was. And IMMEDIATELY I began to write down what I learned from her.

(Check out the photo for the five lessons.)

All of our animals have lessons to teach us. They all have wisdom that we can learn from them, if we learn to connect and receive the lessons.

Many of us have lost that telepathic ability that we once had when we were children.

But there are those of us who can still tap in. And if you’re willing, you can learn how to do it as well (with practice).

Even without knowing how to communicate with animals telepathically, we can step back and see the big picture of what they came here to tell us. AND, they’re still telling us if we listen up.

Think about your animal and what their personality was like.

What about them was unique?  What qualities did they have that you admired?

The messages are there for you to dig into based on who your animal was, and what their character was like.

Ask yourself:

What did I love about them?

What part of me was missing that they filled?

Think about these questions and write down the answers. 

You might be amazed at the insight you receive.

And if you’d like help to tap into your heart animal and receive messages, go to the Services page where you can book a session now.

Love and blessings.

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