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Meet My Sidekick

Meet my partner in crime and sidekick: Happy Feet. (We’re hoping the name will rub off on him because his feet are often not too happy. Lol.)

He’s a super-sweet 23-year old paint that was adopted from a rescue. One of his distinctions is that he has a partial blue eye (and awesome paint markings).

I’ve worked with him using equine sports massage therapy to help improve his muscle tone, as he spent allot of time in a stall.

His downfall is that he’s prone to abscesses, so he’s had some pampering in the hoof area, including diapers soaked in epsom salts that I’ve wrapped around his hooves. But hey, it’s like getting a full spa treatment. 🙂

He’s truly one of the most easy-going horses ever (of course he’s been there, done that) so he knows the ropes.

I often feature him in my videos, which you can catch live on my Facebook Page (please like), or check out the recording on my YouTube Channel (please subscribe).

You’ll see us in all of our horse-healing shenanigans and glory. We hope to see you there, and would love to see your comments. Just say “hey”, or even better “hay”! 

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