Welcome to the Mustang Mindset, where it’s our mission to Harness Animal Communication, Emotional Healing and Tools for Life for animal lovers who are struggling with grief and want to heal, create clarity and live a life they love.

  • Are you struggling with grief over the loss of your fur baby?
  • Are you feeling lost and need direction in your life?
  • What if you could receive healing, insight and direction to get on track in your life with the help of your animal angel?

We use Animal Communication and other tools to help people heal, and ALSO to help them understand animal behavior.

Check out what we offer:

Hi, Kathleen Nightingale here. Your animal communicator and intuitive energy healer. I use animal communication, intuitive guided meditation, Pranic healing and other tools to help animal lovers heal from the loss of their animal friend, and create a life they love with the help of their animal angel.