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Kathleen’s award-winning book Lose the Diet helps people to create balance from the inside out so they can lose the weight and feel great on all levels.  Here’s what people are saying:

“This book will change your life.” Kathleen has given me hope…This book touches on every aspect of our lives. It is well-planned and well-written. I recommend it to all who have weight problems and are ready to change not only their weight, but their lives, for the better. – Fertile Healthy

“I have read everything from Weight Watchers to Dr. Phil, but Lose the Diet is my absolute favorite” It has really opened my mind to core values that everyone should be aware of. This book really gave me a new perspective on my self worth as well.” Jennie A., A Bookish Mom

“This book is a positive experience from page one.” I hoped this book would be full of different information on the battle of weight loss and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the tips and techniques that are scattered throughout. I think this book has a unique approach, focusing on healing yourself to help you lose weight, rather than starving yourself or joining some fad diet. – Book Sanctuary, BCF Book Reviews

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“Drive Your Weight Down”

Pop this CD in and listen to the positive affirmations for weight loss. (Originally designed to be listened to while you drive, but you can listen to it ANYWHERE.)

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