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Step 3 of 6 to Clarity and Freedom

This is the third step in a six part series on creating Clarity and Freedom…

(Step 1 and Step 2 can be found in the blog).

Step 3 is:  Freedom from Fear.

I talked about it on Facebook here:

Fear is at the opposite end of the scale as love, and some would say that fear is the absence of love.

Although fear comes up as a survival mechanism, it really get’s in the way when it shows up as resistance.

Often, we’re going through life trying to find our direction or make progress in some way, and we somehow feel stuck, but we don’t know why.

The insidious part is that we don’t necessary feel fear; it just feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, and we’re spinning our wheels.

So in order to move forward, we’ve got to get out of our head and into our heart again, and find the source of our fear. Then we can use visualization techniques to release it.

When we understand where it’s coming from (a past experience, or someone or something in the back of our mind), then we can diffuse the fear.

We can also journal about what we’re REALLY afraid of, which is often based on a belief that isn’t actually true.

For example, we may worry that if we leave our job to start a business and it doesn’t work, then we’ll end up homeless. But will that really happen? Usually not. (We can get another job, stay with friends or family, etc.)

Often, we’re just not thinking of the possibilities, and we’re focusing on the worse-case scenario.

A past experience can also leave us vulnerable to fear and resistance because we have a belief that history is going to repeat itself.

Either way, there are methods to let go of the madness of buried fear.

So, getting to the core of the resistance (fear) and then diffusing it by looking at the truth, helps to free us from the resistance that keeps us stuck.

P.S. To learn more about how to get unstuck and be free from fear, check out the Clarity and Freedom course in the Animal Angel Academy.

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