Creating Your Dream Life Get Unstuck

Step 2 of 6 to Clarity and Freedom

When it comes to getting unstuck and on track to creating a meaningful life, we need to have a system in place to do it so we can get there sooner than later. Otherwise, it can take forever as we go down path after path trying to find our way

It can take decades to not only figure out what makes our heart sing, but then to get past the resistance that keeps us stuck.

In step one we talked about getting Crystal Clear on our direction first, and how to do that.

Step two involves creating a Life Mission.

I talked about it in this Facebook group video.

Why is this so important?

Because¬† we need that guiding star of a life mission to lead your way.¬† It’s why all great corporations have a mission statement.

Their statement embodies who they are and what their core values are.

Because if we’re not aware of what’s important to us, then it’s impossible to be in alignment with who we really are and what our heart truly desires.

So, how do we create it?

We start with a list of values, and then through a process of elimination, we figure out the top three.

Do you want Security? Connection? Creativity?¬† (There’s many to choose from, and the only right answer is yours).

When we know what our core values are, we put together how we BECOME that, and how we can BE that.

Then we know for sure what’s important to us, and we move forward with joy; and finally get on track in our life.

P.S. To learn more about how to get unstuck and create your mission, check out the Clarity and Freedom course in the Animal Angel Academy.

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