Creating Your Dream Life Get Unstuck

Step 1 of 6 to Clarity and Freedom

Feeling stuck and spinning your wheels is not fun.  I’ve been there, and through my own life experience, training and working with clients, I’ve developed steps to create Clarity and Freedom to help people live a meaningful life that’s aligned with who they are.

I went live in my group to explain the first step:  How to Get Crystal Clear. You can watch it here:

Allow me to explain…

In order to get crystal clear, we need to dig deep to get out of our head and into our heart, and figure out what our Big Vision is.

Because our emotions are at the subconscious (our heart) and tapping into what we TRULY want (not what we think we want, or what others want for us), is how we become propelled in a faster and more joyful way to our authentic life.

But here’s the thing…

When we’re looking at a map, we not only need to know where we’re going, we also need to know where we are. Otherwise, we can’t get there.

That might sound simple, but there are eight areas of our life that need to be looked at in order to understand where we really need to focus.

These areas include:  Life purpose, money, where we live, friends and family relationships, spiritual alignment, fun and recreation and romance.

All of these areas affect each other. We need to understand where we’re at in ALL of these areas in order to map out where we want to go. (After all, if we want to drive to a particular city but we don’t know where we arethen we can’t get there.)

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