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Denial Is The First Step To Healing

There are several stages when it comes to grief; whether it’s the loss of a human or our beloved animal friend. 

Denial is the first stage. 

Before they pass and our animal friend isn’t feeling well, we may be in denial that something is wrong or that it’s their time to move on. (It’s difficult to accept that we may be losing them.)

Then after they’re gone, one of the biggest areas of denial is that we forget about the state they were in before they passed. (We’re in denial that they weren’t their usual selves.)

We may be remembering how they were when they were well, because our mind goes back to the fond memories of a happy and healthy animal.

It’s like the saying goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

So then we feel regret over not doing something to help them more when they were still with us, and we wonder if we could have saved them somehow.

But when we realize that these feelings are created by denial, then we can begin to heal.

Because the truth is:  Grief is a normal part of the process.

After we lose an animal, it can also expose areas in our life that we’re not happy with. We didn’t see the issues when they were alive because our animal friend soothed us and kept us from seeing changes that need to happen in order for us to live an aligned life.

Then we can be in denial that it’s time for a change, so then we feel stuck.

The only way to get out of feeling stuck, is by breaking through the denial so we can get clear and move forward in our life.

Check out the video below where I explain it more, then book your free transformation consultation to discover if I can help YOU get heal and get unstuck HERE.


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