Need help connecting with your animal friend?

No matter how close we are to our animals, it can be difficult to connect on a deep level to understand what’s going on.

In fact, it can be even more difficult for us to receive messages from our own animals because of the intense emotions that are involved that can block it. That’s where I come in.

What I Do And What I Don’t Do…

My ideal client is someone who understands that an animal is more than for show or competition. They know there’s a spiritual aspect to their connection with their animal. They may want to learn more about the role their animal is playing in their life such as what they’re learning, or their animal may have crossed over and they need healing messages.

The truth is, I’m not here to tell you why your horse’s hoof is hurting, or where your dog is having pain so you can tell your veterinarian. (That would be a medical intuitive.)

I don’t automatically know everything there is to know about your animal’s life. (That would be a psychic.)

BUT WHAT I DO is convey messages from animals which they may be desperate to tell you, and which may not be what you expected. (Erase pre-conceived notions.)

I deliver information that can be profound and healing on a soul level, so that you can understand your animal friend as well as learn more about yourself. (This works great in the case of healing animal loss.)

The messages can be emotional, they can be profound, and they can also be healing on a soul level.

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