Are you a spiritual animal lover?  If you are, I totally get you. 

I’ve been close to animals since I was born, and always wanting to nurture and communicate with them.

And losing an animal friend can be devastating. I’ve been there… Not to mention, I’ve experienced allot of personal, spiritual growth in various ways.

From alcoholism in my family, to divorce, healing from abuse, the loss of babies, career changes, major moves…

And through it all, going on the journey of healing and growing.

Getting out of my head and into my heart…

After many years in a corporate job in finance, I began to study mind-body wellness because I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to health (mind, body and soul) and wanted to help others heal (particularly emotionally).

I became a life coach and mind-body wellness practitioner.

I wrote an award-winning book to help people reconnect with themselves and heal their emotions so they could solve the weight issue for good.  The book is called Lose the Diettransform your body by connecting with your soul.

Then I began to connect more with animals on a deeper level, and honed my animal communication skills. I started to realize the amazing messages that animals have for us, and how it can help us heal. 

During virtual animal communication sessions, I’ve intuitively connected with the person’s animal (alive or in spirit) and have received healing and transformational messages about the person.

It made me realize that animals are truly angels and guides in our life, and that we don’t need to keep grieving for them. 

Instead, we can heal, connect with them and receive the inspirational messages that actually help us to live an authentic life.

Putting it all together…

Besides offering virtual sessions, I’ve developed programs that help you heal from animal grief, learn how to connect with your animal angel and create your authentic life.

Allow me to take you on a journey of healing, learning and growing.  Click here to sign up for the free animal grief healing course called Always In Your Heart.

PS:  Kathleen currently lives in Arizona with her fabulous other half, and her animal friends that include three dogs, a goat, a cat and a laid back American Paint horse called Happy Feet.