Hello and Welcome…

Are you an animal lover?  If you are, I totally get you. 

I’ve been close to animals since I was born, and always wanting to nurture and communicate with them.

But when it came to people, I wasn’t much of a conversationalist.

You might say that I was an extreme introvert, because I’d rather talk with animals than humans. :-).

But life wasn’t easy.

Alcoholism in my family, my parents divorce, the death of my parents and two step parents, my own divorces, the loss of my children (two babies that were stillborn and premature), moving around the country, career and business changes (including business failure).

And you wonder why I needed animal angels around me?

Through it all, my connection with animals kept me sane and grounded, and the mindset tools I learned along the way kept me getting up, starting over and heading toward the next goal.

All of the life challenges have given me strength, massive lessons and experiences that have shaped who I am and have allowed me to be empathetic toward others and their challenges.

After many years in a corporate job in finance, I began to study mind-body wellness because I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to health (mind, body and soul) and wanted to help others heal (particularly emotionally).

I became a life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and mind-body wellness practitioner.

I wrote an award-winning book to help people reconnect with themselves so they could solve the weight issue for good.  The book is called Lose the Diet – transform your body by connecting with your soul.

The book won four major awards:

  • Next Generation Indie Book Award
  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • Beach Book Festival Award
  • National Indie Excellence Award

As I worked with people in the area of mind-body wellness, my love of animals grew to having horses and enjoying their special “energy” and the connection between human and horse.

Eventually, that calling to work with animals on a deeper level hit with full force.

I studied Equine Sports Massage. 

And I honed my animal communication skills.

I love the power of how we can heal through animal communication, why our animal friends are behaving in a certain way, and what they can teach us.

I also understand the struggle of healing the grief from the loss of an animal that we had a heart to heart connection with. 

Combining all of the tools I’ve learned over the years, including life coaching, animal communication, guided meditation and mind-body wellness creates an awesome healing combination. 

And that’s what the Mustang Mindset is all about.

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Kathleen currently lives in Arizona with her fabulous other half, and her animal friends that include three dogs, a goat, a cat named Clyde and a laid back American Paint horse.

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