Are you an animal lover?  If you are, I totally get you. 

And losing an animal friend, or watching them struggle with trauma and pain can be devastating. I’ve been there…

It’s gut-wrenching to see them struggle. And when they leave us, it can feel like a part of us has died. I know the feeling, and that’s why I want to help you.

I’ve been close to animals since I was born, and always wanting to nurture and communicate with them.

I’m also an empath, which means I can feel energy.  I pick up on the physical and emotional pain of others, including humans and animals. This ability can be tricky, but it comes in handy as a healer where I tune into energy blocks.

Mind-Body Wellness At Work…

After many years in a corporate job in finance, I began to study mind-body wellness because I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to health (mind, body and soul) and wanted to help others heal (particularly emotionally).

I became a life coach and mind-body wellness practitioner.

I wrote an award-winning book to help people reconnect with themselves and heal their emotions so they could solve the weight issue for good.  The book is called Lose the Diettransform your body by connecting with your soul.

Eventually, that calling to work with animals on a Holistic level hit with full force.

Especially when I met this guy:  Happy Feet the horse. His struggles with chronic hoof abscesses and laminitic flare-ups was a healing challenge when I found him at a horse rescue.

Watching him suffer in pain seemed unbearable. After all, a horse without the ability to stand on their feet isn’t a horse. At the time, I honed my animal communication skills, studied equine sports massage, and learned Pranic Energy Healing.

The amazing power of Pranic healing goes deep to the energy body to help heal trauma that causes a “clamping down” of energy which results in chronic pain and “dis-ease”.

An explanation of the awesome tools that harness the power of animal healing…

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is an empathic skill that helps people understand what’s going on with their animal friend through intuitive messages from the animal.  It can be done virtually with a photo of the animal.

It’s also important to communicate with an animal in the case of the energy healing process so that we receive their permission, and we can work together to release trauma and create optimum wellness.

It’s helpful for resolving questions people have around their animal friend which could include animal behavior and past trauma issues, as well as helping people heal from the loss of an animal.

Pranic Energy Healing*

Pranic healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy treatment that uses “prana” to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy process. Prana is the Sanskrit (India) word for Life Force. It’s the energy that keeps us alive and maintains good health. 

Pranic healing is a non-touch practice that’s based on the principle that the body is self repairing and has the ability to heal itself. Pranic healing accelerates the healing process by scanning, sweeping away negative energy and increasing the life force energy to the affected part of the body.

This healing method is also based on the concept of trauma (suppressed emotions) being in the energy body which leads to pain and disease in the physical body and therefore requires healing. 

Check out the Services page to book a virtual session, or contact Kathleen at (480) 688-3924 for an in-person healing session for your animal friend.

Kathleen currently lives in Arizona with her fabulous other half, and her animal friends that include three dogs, a goat, a cat named Clyde and a laid back American Paint horse.

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*The healing tools that we offer are part of an integrative approach to wellness, and should be used in addition to needed veterinary care.