This is me, with my beloved horse Sadie, who died of colic.

If I had known at the time that Equine Sports Massage Therapy helps alleviate the symptoms of colic, I would have tried it.

Now, I’m offering it as a way to help horses heal, improve performance and have the best quality of life.

I’ve always loved animals…

My first memory of what I wanted to be when I grew up was a veterinarian…

I remember sneaking into our barn when I was a kid to feed a stray cat – and always wanting to nurture animals.

Then I took biology, and discovered I wasn’t a fan of dissecting things. (LOL)

After many years in a corporate job in finance, I began to study mind-body wellness because I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to health (mind, body and soul).

I became a mind-body wellness practitioner; clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and award-winning author on the mind-body connection.

Then my love of animals grew to having horses and enjoying their special “energy” and the connection between human and horse.

After working with people for several years, I decided to begin focusing on animal wellness – particularly horses.

I studied Equissage – the leading training of equine sports massage therapists in the world, led by Mary Schreiber. 

Incorporating essential oils also enhances the therapy.

I love what I do as it gives me an opportunity to help horses feel well, perform their best and have a great quality of life.

I now happily provided this service in Arizona. I currently live in the Phoenix area with my animal friends that include four dogs, a goat and a cat named Clyde.

Contact me at (480) 688-3924 to schedule an appointment. (Services can be paid by credit or debit on the Services page.)

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